EFTPOS now available at Café.


The Carnival of Flowers Spring Bluff experience has visitors arriving happy and leaving even happier due to the atmosphere of the beautiful gardens and the special warm welcome everyone receives.  “Acting” Station Master Ralph Hickey will be on hand to welcome all with a song, while “Lad Porter” Pat McGovern will have the station platform spick and span.
The gardens are looking spectacular and are a credit to gardener Craig Ritchie.
So, why not come down to the Bluff and breathe in Springtime!

 Tickets are now on sale for the daily train rides from Toowoomba to Spring Bluff from 21-27 September.  Please check out the events page for ticketing details. 

Some trains are booked out already.
Sunday 9am - 1 pm
Monday 9am
Saturday 9am



Spring Bluff’s Caretaker Craig Ritchie has been busy tending to the Station’s gardens and all seems to be going to plan for a spectacular Spring display.





 NOTE: Due to the historic and undulating nature of the site, it is not
wheelchair accessible.

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